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261. Are You Doing Too Many Things? Doing Less, But Better

261. Are You Doing Too Many Things? Doing Less, But Better

How many marketing things are you doing in your business right now? How many sales channels are you selling on? How many things are you doing to try and get visibility and sales in your business?

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All The Things You Might Be Doing in Your eCommerce Business

Here are some that might be on your list:

Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Email – I hope that one is on your list, Pinterest, Product Launches, Paid Social, Google Ads, a Rewards Program, a Facebook Group, Brand Ambassadors or Influencer Marketing, blogging, maybe affiliate marketing. Maybe you’re doing SEO, wholesale, working on getting PR placement, or even have an in-person component to your business.

Now ask yourself

  • Which ones of those are you doing well?
  • Which ones of those do you enjoy doing?
  • Which ones of those do you constantly shame yourself for not doing well enough?
  • Which ones do you wish were performing better?

And notice, I’m not necessarily talking about numbers here. Yes, numbers are important and you’ll want to look at those to confirm what you come up with. But for now, I just want you to answer with your gut. 

Why You Might Want to Do Less in Your Business

Before we go any further, let’s back up and talk about why we’re having this conversation. 

As expected, the transition from one year to the next inevitably has every entrepreneur reevaluating where they’re at in their business and what they want to focus on going forward. 

That’s just humans in general, I guess. 

Me personally, I love these kinds of conversations – it’s one of my favorite things to do honestly. And I consider myself lucky because not only do I get to talk to product-based businesses like you… but also other online educators and service providers like me. Whether it’s students, clients, biz friends, or mentors… we’re all trying to figure out our best next steps. 

But here’s what’s really interesting… and I’m making a pretty sweeping generalization here but it still rings true. 

Those in the online education/service provider space are all looking to simplify things. Maybe that looks like letting go of a marketing activity, possibly streamlining their programs, or consolidating their tech stack. 

On the flipside of that though, are product-based business owners asking me what they should add to their business? Should they start wholesale, do they need to implement an affiliate program, should they start a Facebook group?

Why is there a difference across industries? I  have no idea. It might be more related to time in business or revenue level – the truth is I didn’t bother to figure that part out. Sure my data might be skewed, but that doesn’t change the fact that at the end of the day, simplicity scales.

Should You Try That New Marketing or Business Strategy?

for my product-based biz friends who are wondering if they should try that next thing…

Of course…. It depends. Isn’t that the most annoying answer ever? 

For some of you, it will be yes, but for most of you, it will be no. 

That’s not to say that you never try or do something new. That you never expand your marketing activities. But you’ve got to optimize what you’re already doing before you try and add something new to your plate.  

We’ve also got to be realistic about the input that’s required to get the output you’re looking for. 

Let’s use an affiliate program as an example. Sure, you could launch an affiliate program. But can you work the affiliate program. Can you find the people, engage the people, get them the assets, and convert customers well enough on your site that the affiliate makes money and wants to keep promoting you?

Or how about wholesale, especially big box wholesale? Sure, if you want to get your products into big chain retailers, awesome. Do you have the capacity to manufacture the units required, are you prepared not to get paid upfront, are you willing to do your part of sending your audience to their stores to buy your products, are you prepared to give them markdown money or take back product if it doesn’t sell? Will you be able to maintain the rest of your business so that if you lose one of those big wholesale clients for some reason, you can weather the storm?

I don’t say these things to discourage you or scare you. I say this because I don’t want you to spin your wheels on shit wasting energy that could be better spent somewhere else. I say this because sometimes it’s easier to try the new thing than it is to optimize the existing thing – believe me, I get that one big time. I love to start new things. 

But as we move into the new year I also want to do my part to be that little bug in your ear that reminds you… you don’t have to do all the things to be successful. You just have to do a few things really well. And you want to make sure you’re doing them in the right order too.

How to Evaluate Your What You Should Do Next

I had a call with a podcast listener the other day, she reached out about optimizing her email. Did I tell this story already? I’m getting deja vu. Anywho, I easily could have said to her yea – let’s revamp your email strategy. But instead, what she needed to focus on was getting new traffic. She has a stale list from a previous brand. The people getting her email, aren’t the right people. No amount of optimization can fix that. With so little data to work with, it makes a lot more sense to focus on getting new eyeballs first, and going back to the optimization piece. 

For someone else, she tested out a whole bunch of list growth and email marketing strategies in 2023. Now she had a ton of fresh data, and so email optimization makes perfect sense for her – that’s why she’s part of Email Badassery, the live program I’m running that just kicked off this week.  

So… let’s go back to that list you made at the beginning of this episode. Do you really need to keep doing all of those things? Is there something you can drop that probably won’t have any effect on your bottom line other than saving you time and money? 

Why Cutting a Marketing Activity Can Make You More Money

A course creator I follow completely cut her YouTube strategy in 2023 because she just wasn’t loving it. Guess what happened. It freed her up to try some other things, gave her more free time outside of her business,  and she had a 25% increase in her business last year. Completely cutting that one marketing channel didn’t hurt her it helped her. 

Look at Your Data for Facts to Back Up Your Feelings

Now that you’ve gone through the list with your feelings… let’s get some facts to back it up. Go dive into your numbers. Figure out what is draining your time, what isn’t profitable, and what could you probably let go of and reallocate that energy somewhere else.

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