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The tech is overwhelming, the lingo is confusing and scaling is a bitch...

But you don't have to do it alone.

eCommerce Badassery - consultant for online store owners

You've been trying all the things... but your sales aren't growing & you want to pay yourself more.

ecommerce coach for female entrepreneurs

Meet Jessica

Now You Have Me

I’m here to support scrappy female entrepreneurs just like YOU with the strategies that 7-figure eCommerce businesses are using to kill it on the internet. I give a shit about you and your business. I want you to succeed. There’s room at the top for everyone and I can’t wait to support you in getting there.

I’ve been in the retail game for over 20 years. Having managed a 7-figure eCommerce business as the only employee and doing all the things, I know the struggle is real. I was lucky enough to have the support of the top experts in their field. The kind of consultants that cost tens-of-thousands of dollars a month. The people the average eCommerce owner doesn’t have access to. Now I’m bringing you everything I learned the hard way, so you don’t have to.

Word on the Street...

  • OMG Jessica is my savior. I had just switched over to Klaviyo from Active Campaign. It was a big job so I hired someone else to help me with the process. I wish I had found Jessica first! It took months to get the switch done, and several “It’s done!” emails only to find when I tested it out, that there were several problems. Back to several more months of waiting for it to be fixed and more ‘It’s done!” emails. I finally got smart and asked for referrals for someone else to help me just complete the job – fix the broken bits on my site and polish it up so I could finally move over to Klaviyo. Jessica did it in a heartbeat! AND, she showed me why things weren’t working as they should have and what the fix was, thus I learned a lot in the process. I plan on hiring Jessica as my Klavio expert!

    Lisa Liguori | Simple Beauty Minerals
  • I absolutely LOVED working with Jessica!  Her knowledge and skill extends far beyond email marketing and the Klaviyo platform, even though she’s a master at both of those things too! I hired her to help me set up several email flows in Klaviyo. With her guidance and direction, those email flows have continued to bring in revenue day after day.  My revenue from email went from 4% to consistently between 22-25% of revenue every month.

    Jessica Principe | All Girl Shave Club
  • Jessica is the ultimate ROCKSTAR when it comes to eCommerce and Email Marketing. Her CAN DO attitude is amazing to work with. I know that she has all our email marketing needs covered and I never have to follow up or second guess what she is doing. Her creative ideas and how to increase conversions have been super helpful in our small but growing brand. I highly recommend her for all your business/eCommerce needs!! Don’t hesitate, she’s worth it!

    Laura Berens | Love & Fit
  • I did a strategy call with Jessica and even though it was only an hour it was packed with value. She gave it to me straight without any fluff and focused on my business and where I was at. I had great engagement on social but it wasn’t converting to sales. Jessica pushed me out of my comfort zone to sell live on social and it worked! Getting that first live sale really gave me the confidence to keep going, and every time I get on live, I make more sales!  I love learning from Jessica because she’s been where I am and she really does know her stuff. What she teaches works! 

    Denea Marable | Queen Styles Boutique
  • I have been working with Jessica for over 4 months now with my Subscription Box Business and she has been AMAZING! She gave me REAL and VERY SPECIFIC tactics that I can focus on to help my business grow. So many businesswomen are right-brained and creative but lack in the implementation process or get lost in the “concept and dream”. That was me! Jessica has been great in bringing me back down to reality and tackling my business plan step-by-step.

    JJ. Sterling | Oceanista
  • Lisa Liguori Simply Beauty Minerals
  • Jessica Principe All Girl Shave Club
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Let'S uncover the path to increased revenue & profitability

We’ll dig into every nook & cranny of your business to figure out what your best next steps are.

Branding, website design, and authenticity. Everything you need to stand out in the crowded online world.

Email strategy, social media, paid advertising, oh my! Your to do list probably feels endless, let’s figure out exactly what is supporting the bottom line of your business to double-down on what’s working and dump what isn’t.

Want FREE traffic to your website? Search Engine Optimization is how customers find your website when they’re searching for a product like yours. 

Growing revenue means nothing if there’s no cash left for you. We’ll look at not only how to grow your sales, but uncover opportunities to make you more profitable too.

Did you know? Repeat customers spend 300X more than new customers? We’ll craft an experience and retention strategy to build lifelong customers and super fans.

It’s not sexy, but a necessary evil if you want to take your six-figure eCommerce Business to the next level.

Intuition is real, but data is better. Learn how to analyze your business to make data driven decisions and finally figure out what all those numbers in Google Analytics mean.

What It's Like to Work WITh Me

Think of me as your biggest cheerleader and the friend you know will always tell you when you’re getting in your own way.

Yep, I’ll expect you to do your homework and I’ll call you out if you don’t 😉 Plus, there’s no sugar coating here. I’ll always tell you like it is because that’s how I roll. 

It’s my mission to give you the tools you need to continue kicking ass in your eCommerce business long after our time together. I’ll always explain the why and the how behind what we do together.

Everything we do together will be 100% tailored to YOUR business. No more having to figure it out for yourself. We’ll start with your goals and reverse engineer how to get there, together. 

All calls are recorded for you to keep and refer back to at any time for a refresher. My Full Badassery package includes regularly scheduled bi-weekly calls for strategy support and accountability. If you buy a package of one-off strategy calls you’ll be able to book these on the fly when you need them. 

ecommerce help for female entrepreneurs

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Ready to transform your business?

Full Badassery Consulting Package

My Full Badassery Consulting Package is 4 months of strategic support and planning for YOUR eCommerce business. Get the high-level support of a mastermind, with one-on-one attention. Consider me an extension of your team & your biggest cheerleader. I’ll hold your hand through all the things. Make more sales, more profit, & reclaim your time.

Investment starts at $2500/mo.

Just want to pick my brain?

One-on-One Strategy Calls

Just want to pick my brain? There’s a package for that! If you’re not ready to commit to a long-term consulting relationship you can purchase individual strategy calls to hash through whatever you’re currently struggling with in your business.


⚡️You fill out an intake form telling me what you’d like support with

⚡️I do pre-work before our call digging into your questions and strategizing for your business

⚡️On our call I’ll present a doc with all my thoughts & ideas that we’ll review together and answer any other questions that come up during the process.

Book one call or purchase a package of 3. Either way you’ll have my undivided attention, a copy of the recording and a follow up with action steps to get shit done. Book your call below!

Investment Starts at $399