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Google Analytics
crash course

Your step-by-step guide to finally understand all that damn data...

I don’t need to hear anymore

Jessica Totillo Coster

Google Analytics

crash course

Your step-by-step guide to finally understand all that damn data...​

I don’t need to hear anymore

Jessica Totillo Coster

See faster growth in your eCommerce business with insights that show you your best next steps.

Wait?! So I don't have to keep guessing?

Exactly! Once you understand your data and what it’s telling you, you’ll be able to focus on the areas of your business that will ACTUALLY move the needle instead of spinning your wheels

Google Analytics
Crash Course

Created specifically for eCommerce Business owners we’re covering all the reports you need to understand how your customers interact with you, the health of your website, and what you should focus on next.

Stop flying blind + start making data-driven decisions like an eCommerce badass!

the answers are in your data, let me show you how to read it...

Take a peek

crash course

What's Inside?

  • Google Analytics Glossary to demystify the lingo and reduce the overwhelm
  • Step-by-Step Account Set-Up to ensure you’re tracking the ALL your data
  • Video walkthroughs of the most important reports so you know what to look at and what to ignore
  • Insights & examples so you know how to read the data and what it means explained in plain english
  • All the knowledge you need to answer questions like how are people finding me and where should I focus my marketing efforts, or how do people interact with my website?
  • GA4 Updates start releasing 6/23/22

What's it Gonna Cost Ya?


just $74

Yep, you read that right! 
Founding members pay just $74 for lifetime access.

Jessica Totillo Coster your eCommerce & Email Marketing Stragist

hey babe!

I'm Jessica Totillo Coster

Your Ecommerce + Email Marketing Strategist

Hey, I’m Jessica! An eCommerce and email marketing strategist for boutique owners and product entrepreneurs. I use data and experience to help you figure out the next best step in your business.


Because I’ve been exactly where you are. With 20+ years in the retail biz, owning my own multi 6-figure brick + mortar boutique, and as the only employee of a 7-figure eCommerce store. 

Most eCommerce entrepreneurs tells me they feel overwhelmed just logging into Google Analytics! My goal is to demystify this badass tool + help you feel confident and DANGEROUS when making decisions about your business.

the lounge

What It's Like to Learn From Me

word on the street

I can’t wait to learn from you!

I Loved Working With Jessica

My revenue from email went from 4% to consistently between 22-25% of revenue every month.  All along the way, she taught me how to read and understand the data so I can use it to make decisions in my strategy moving forward.  

She gave me the confidence to run a strong email program as well as confidence to do things in my Shopify and google analytics accounts that I never would have known how to do! She is a true partner for her clients in all things e-commerce and I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for support and help in growing their e-commerce business!

Jessica Principe, Founder All Girl Shave CLub

What the FAQ?

Nope! You already have this content inside your membership hub!

The first release of GA4 content is coming June 23rd, 2022! And yes, the entire course will be updated to cover the new version of Google Analytics!

I do recommend you still go through the Universal Analytics training as there is a lot of overlap and it will make learning GA4 a lot easier!

Once you place your order you’ll receive an email invite to the eCommerce Badassery Vault where the course is stored. 

You’ll create your account to join + once you’re inside be sure to read the START HERE post pinned to the top of your home feed. This will walk you through how to navigate the platform and access your course content. 

All course content will be available immediately. 

Yes, actually you can! But for some reason most eCommerce entrepreneurs don’t because piecing together free information leaves them confused and still unsure of what numbers should actually matter to them. 

In this step-by-step course I show you which reports to look at and explain what the numbers mean so you know how to actually apply those insights to your business.

Yes and no. Most of the content in this crash course is focused on pulling insights for eCommerce businesses. 

If you don’t have an eCommerce business some of the content will be irrelevant to you, but you’ll still learn a ton about understanding your traffic sources and engagement on your website.

Due to the digital nature and low price of this product we do not offer a refund policy. 

If you find the content isn’t relevant to you or helpful, feel free to contact us and we’ll do our best to make it right.

You’ll have access for as long as it exists in eCommerce Badassery

As a founding member you are getting the MVP of this program. 

Once the first round of students go through the course I will make updates based on their feedback which you will get automatic access to.


The Google Analytics Crash course does not include access to me, but you are able to leave questions in the comments of each section if you need clarification on anything. 

I do encourage you to ask questions if you have them because it helps me identify where there may be gaps in the content and gives me insight into how I can improve the program. 

The Google Analytics Crash  Course does not include a private FB group or community but you will have access to the eCommerce Badassery Vault, our community on Mighty Networks. 

While the community is not an open forum like the FB group (yet) you will have access to other eCommerce entrepreneurs if you’re so inclined to connect with them.

You can also join us in the Free eCommerce Badassery FB Group

It’s time!

ditch the overwhelm & learn how to read your data!

Get step-by-step video walkthroughs of Google Analytics from someone that actually cares about you and your business so you can move forward making data driven decisions in your business and FINALLY feel like an actual eCommerce badass!

Still Have QUestions?

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About Our Audience

  • eCommerce business owners selling a physical product on their own website (Shopify + Klaviyo users)
  • Soloprenuers or less than 25 on their team
  • All revenue ranges, up to multi 7-figures
  • Mostly female

Who We're Looking For

  • Subject matter experts in eCommerce & Physical Product Marketing (ex. Social Media, Public Relations, Website Conversion, Copywriters)
  • Apps or SaaS platforms that can share marketing strategies that work even without their product.

Who We're NOT Looking For

  • Strategies to build ONLY a marketplace business
  • Strategies for building service-based businesses or SaaS Platforms
  • Agency owners who only work with large budget businesses
  • Service providers for coaches or consultants