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Rock Your Q4 Sales

23. Holiday Campaign Series: Preparation

Smart preparation is how you have an epic holiday season in your eCommerce business without ripping your hair out! This is episode 2 of the 2020 Holiday Campaign series and we’re walking through all the things you want to start working on NOW to make sure it’s smooth sailing right through Q4.

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28. Q4 Smooth Operations in Business and Life

Anxious about Q4 and your eCommerce business? You’re not alone. With so much talk about how crazy Q4 is going to be, how online sales are going to skyrocket and how much opportunity there is to make big bucks, it can be overwhelming just thinking about how you’re going to get through.

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Jessica Totillo Coster eCommerce Badassery

hey babe!

I’m Jessica Totillo Coster


Currently addicted to sweet & salty kettle corn and helping female-owned, passion-led eCommerce businesses thrive. 

My #1 goal is to put more money in the pockets of female entrepreneurs.

So you can spend more time with your family & watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S reruns instead of stressing about your business.



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  • eCommerce business owners selling a physical product on their own website (Shopify + Klaviyo users)
  • Soloprenuers or less than 25 on their team
  • All revenue ranges, up to multi 7-figures
  • Mostly female

Who We're Looking For

  • Subject matter experts in eCommerce & Physical Product Marketing (Social Media, Public Relations, Website Conversion, Copywriters)
  • Apps or SaaS platforms that can share marketing strategies that work even without their product.

Who I'm NOT Looking For

  • Strategies to build ONLY a marketplace business
  • Strategies for building service-based businesses or SaaS Platforms
  • Agency owners who only work with large budget businesses
  • Service providers for coaches or consultants