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140. [BIZ BITE] The Key to Marketing Your Products

140. [BIZ BITE] The Key to Marketing Your Products

A rewards program doesn't have to give a lot back to be successful. Tune in to hear the industry benchmark for how much most rewards programs give back to the customer, plus hear some quick tips on how to leverage your rewards program and some things to watch out for.

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First, a story. 

There’s a member in the Lounge, my membership for eCommerce business owners. She was a founding member so she’s been a part of the program for 6 months, we’ve done multiple 1:1 calls since she’s been a member, she was a podcast listener before then, she follows me on Instagram, is on my email list, and I’m pretty sure she is in my Facebook Group. 

Last week on a Lounge call, one of our newest members asked me if I could help them set up their email and I told them to book a call with me so we could discuss her needs and which of the services would be the best fit. 

Then, the other member that I was just talking about chimed in and was like wait?! I can hire you to create my emails for me? I had no idea. 

So here is someone who has been in my ecosystem, who I’ve had multiple conversations with, who is truly paying attention to what I’m putting out there… and she still didn’t know about the #1 service I offer in my business. The thing that started eCommerce Badassery, before it was even called eCommerce Badassery or was even an official business. 

And even though it seems like she was soaking in everything I say… at the end of the day – she wasn’t. 

The other reminder I had this week was a guest we had in the Lounge to teach our members how to sell their product through live video. Their main focus for this training was knowing what to say, when to say it and how to keep people engaged throughout the live session. But before they got into the nitty-gritty details and the bullet points on their slide, the heading said…. assume your customers know nothing about you and your business. 

So what’s the lesson?

If you are not showing the world what you sell, helping them figure out if it’s the right product for them, and WHY they should buy from you specifically – they’re never going to know and they’re certainly not going to buy. 

It’s a lesson you and I both need to learn and both need to remind ourselves of on the regular. I think I’m just gonna put it on a post-it note on my computer. I have to get some real post-it notes tho, cause I bought these off-brand ones once, it was a huge pack and a bunch of different colors – I was really excited but they don’t stick to shit. That literally has nothing to do with today’s episode but my husband breaks my chops about it all the time so figured it was worth a share and would maybe give you a giggle. 

But let’s not end with that pointless story. Let’s end on, assuming your customers know nothing about you or what you sell. Repeat, repeat, repeat yourself until you’re sick of saying it, and then keep on saying it. 

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