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243. A Must for Every eCommerce Business Owner

243. A Must for Every eCommerce Business Owner

Being an eCommerce business owner, any business owner honestly can be pretty overwhelming at times and lonely. But over the years I’ve learned that many of us… myself included are making things harder than they have to be.

Mostly because we’re trying to do things on our own. We’re not leaning into the resources or network we have to support us along the way… and it’s really stunting our growth.

Here are 3 things you should ALWAYS do before you try and do it all on your own.

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Utilize the Training & Resources from Others

At the end of August, a member of the Lounge eCommerce Marketing Membership posted that she was struggling to be consistent with her email marketing. Once she finally took the time to sit down and use the training and templates in the Lounge, she was able to create a 4-month weekly email marketing plan in one sitting.

Screenshot of a post inside the lounge from a member that reads: 
Ok wow have I been making life harder than it needs to be lol. My email game has been sorely lacking but I sat down just now, used the training and the email marketing schedule and have emails weekly planned thru the rest of the year. Jessica Totillo Coster your shit works when I actually take the time to utilize it lolololol!

Asking For Help Instead of Wasting Time on Google University

Another member of the Lounge eCommerce Marketing Membership posted that she thought she deleted the purchase parameter in her Google Analytics 4 account because she couldn't see any purchase conversions.

I had never heard of this being a thing, so my first recommendation was for her to just start over with her setup, but after some research, I quickly realized that there was something else at play here.

After asking her a few other questions we were able to figure out that she had deleted the Google & YouTube app from Shopify which severed the connection. All it took was about 4 comments back and forth to discover the error. If she had asked sooner, she wouldn't have lost so much time or sleep over this issue.

I love Google University as much as the next girl. It has treated me well over the years. But I also think taking to that search bar has become a reflex for us no matter the question…

But why waste soooo much of your precious time, the ONE thing you CAN’T generate more of when there is probably someone in your existing network who can support you?

Screenshot of a conversation with a lounge member that reads:  [edited for length]
Students first post: Ripping my hair out with GA4. I made a mess in May and I think I modified (deleted) the parameters for a purchase event so it shows 0 purchases and isn't counting conversions. 
Jessica's Post: Did you connect your store through the Google & Youtube App
Students Response: Ah okay, I delete the Google/YouTube app
Students Response: OMG I have been reading google articles and coding crap for hours. Thank you for your help with this, you're so very much appreciated!
Jessica's Response: Lesson: ALWAYS come here first
Student's Response: Seriously! This kept me up so late last night, I think you just earned me a nap!

Ask Your Vendors for Partnership Opportunities

There is also a member of the Lounge eCommerce Marketing Membership whose bread and butter is in her in-person esthetician services. As an acne specialist, she always recommends a particular brand of acne-save makeup to her clients, which she wants to sell in-store.

She started planning a color-matching event to host at her studio and in passing said to the makeup brand founder, “I wish you could come” And that makeup brand founder said YES!

I used to partner with my vendors at my previous day job to host educational events for our customers both in-store and online. They would often agree to allow us to discount under their MAP pricing (Minimum Advertised Price) to create an incentive to sell more of their product.

I also partnered with my vendors through my brick-and-mortar boutique to hold trunk shows. These were pretty big vendors, such as French Connection and James Jeans who had huge national department store accounts. I was such a small part of their overall revenue but they were happy to come and represent their brand in my store. They even let me use their campaign imagery for my print advertising so I didn't have to invest in my own shoot.

Stop Making Business So Hard

Business is challenging but it doesn't have to be hard. Most of us are making things more difficult than they need to be because we're trying to do everything on our own. Why do we do this? Probably because we don't want to be a bother.

I see it happen on a day-to-day basis in the Lounge eCommerce Marketing Membership too. Members can ask questions anytime in the community and they’ll get an answer from me or Nicole within 24 business hours – usually less. But I noticed people weren’t taking advantage of it so I created a recurring weekly post called Thirsty Thursday… on brand always. And what do you know, every week without fail there are a ton of questions on that post.

I know… it can be scary to ask for help. Sometimes it’s actually more comfortable to stay stuck. Sometimes people are just going to tell you to Google that shit if it’s a simple how-to tech question vs. something strategy related…

But in many cases, it’s really not worth it to go it alone in the long run; I can promise you that.

And as I say about most things… those people you’re afraid to reach out to – they’re afraid too and someone needs to go first. Let that someone be you.

How to Connect with Your Biz Friends for Support

Create a group Voxer chat with your biz friends so you can lean on each other through the season. If you don’t know, Voxer is a walkie-talkie app and doesn’t have the same 1-minute max as Instagram voice notes. Schedule weekly video check-ins so you can review each other's marketing content. Have virtual margarita dates like Nicole and I do just vent when you need to

There are so many ways you can lean on your fellow eCommerce biz friends – it’s bound to have a positive effect on your success and overall mental well-being.

Find a Network if You Don't Have One

If you don’t have a network… then find one. Come join the Lounge where you get access to me, our resident ads strategist Nicole Diedrich, and other eCommerce business owners.

With Monthly Q&A sessions, Quarterly Planning Workshops, and daily support from your hosts it's the perfect place to fast-track your eCommerce success and get the support you need.

Lean on Free Resources for Help

Getting support could be as simple as listening to a podcast episode from the archives that walks you through a particular strategy. There are tons of episodes on the eCommerce Badassery Podcast that outline eCommerce marketing strategies step-by-step for you to follow and implement in your business.


Ultimately, where you get the support doesn’t matter as much as getting it. Just make sure it’s from people who understand your unique product-based business.

So, if you have something that you’re struggling with right now as you’re listening to this. Your first step when this episode is over is to reach out and ask for help. Don’t put it off… do it right now. I promise it’ll be worth it in the end.

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