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118. [BIZ BITE] What is the Best Day & Time to Send Marketing Emails

118. [BIZ BITE] What is the Best Day & Time to Send Marketing Emails

If only you had a crystal ball to tell you the best day and time to send your marketing emails so they made the biggest impact and generated the most revenue…

Well, you sort of do and it’s in today’s episode. After sending millions of emails I’m sharing the days and times I’ve seen the most revenue generated plus giving you a few tips and tricks on how you can figure out what is best for your business and customer. 

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We're getting back to my favorite topic, email marketing. Not too long ago. I was talking with a member of the lounge and they were struggling with their email marketing. They were doing a great job at being consistent, but it wasn't really generating much revenue for them.

For a little background. This business in particular sells prints for baby and toddler rooms. They have a good balance of product-focused email marketing content and non-salesy email marketing content and consistently email their list every single week. On Mondays, they send a tip for getting their kids motivated to start the week and they usually send something product-focused on Saturday mornings.

Then I asked them, what is your ideal customer typically doing on a Saturday? And the answer. Chasing after or entertaining their kids. And exactly. If your ideal customer is busy with their kids or work or insert other thing that takes up your ideal customer's time. They're not going to be in a position to whip out their credit card and buy from you.

When you're thinking about the best day of the week to send emails.

You have to think about your customer first, where are they? What are they doing? What does their typical week look like? When do you do most of your shopping? Is it early in the morning when you're trying to get your kids out the door or the weekend when you're carting them around to their endless extracurricular activities?

How about in the afternoon while you're at work jumping from meeting to meeting or trying to get that project finished. Probably not.

Ultimately the best day of the week to send emails is going to depend a bit on your customer. But in my experience, Tuesday, Thursdays and Sundays are generally the best days for email marketing.

Now that doesn't mean that if you've successfully been sending an email every single Friday, that you should just go and switch it up. You don't want to confuse your customers, but if you're struggling to see the results you want or you're just getting started, those are the perfect days to start with.

Now let's talk about the time of day. Just like the day of the week. I want you to think about your customer, where are they and what are they doing? I have always found evenings to perform better from a revenue perspective while opens may be higher earlier in the day because people are bored and looking for a distraction. It doesn't mean they can actually make a purchase from you.

On the other hand in the evenings, people have already done dinner, maybe even put the kids to bed, and now they're sitting on their ass, watching Netflix and scrolling their phones. And it's a pretty prime time to buy. Don't you think? Just like the day of the week. If you've already been sending your emails at a particular time of day and they're performing well, don't go switching them up just because of what you heard here.

If you're curious tests these days and times compared to what you have been doing. For instance, let's say you've been sending a Friday morning newsletter. Next week randomly split your engaged segment. 50 50. Send your newsletter to half of that list on Thursday evening, and then the rest on Friday at your normal time. And see what happens.

When you're determining the winner, remember that it's about more than just opens. You want to compare revenue to. And if this is something you've been doing for a while, and you've trained your customers to receive an email at a certain day in time. Don't be surprised if your original day in time perform better than what we discussed here.

If that's you, then what you can do instead is just add another email to your email rotation at one of these times, Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday, evenings. Or rescind your regularly scheduled email. To anyone who didn't click or take the action you wanted them to take. At one of those times, we love a good recent.

So if you send a Friday morning email re-send it on Sunday night. Speaking of sending more emails, listen to biz bite episode number 104, to learn more about how to decide how many emails you should send each week and how to slowly increase your sending frequency.

99% of the time. When you send more emails, you make more money.

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