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268. How to Beat Overwhelm in Business

268. How to Beat Overwhelm in Business

While I love technology and all it has done for us… it certainly has its downsides. While I have no intention of diving into how technology has probably ruined us as a society, I bring this up because one of the greatest inventions of all time is the focus button.

I’ve been using this feature for as long as I can remember, but these last few months or maybe even the last year or so, I have it on 99% of the time. I work from home, and my husband does too unless he’s on a shoot. If my Mom is trying to get in touch with me because of an emergency she can call me a second time and it will break through. 

And while that focus button is great for managing the notifications on your phone, don’t you wish you had a focus button for your business?

And I don’t just mean the day-to-day stuff, or inquiries from your team, but that big to-do list you have in your head where you feel like you have to get everything done right now, and it continues to nag at you, and it makes you feel like a complete failure because you should be a better business owner and be able to do all the things or have finished that damn project already?!

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Yea, I feel ya. 

Guess what, every business I’ve ever worked for, and every entrepreneur I’ve ever spoken to feels the same way. Doesn’t matter how big or small you are… there’s too much to do and not enough time. 

So, how do you break the cycle; how do you turn on the focus button for your business?

Well… unfortunately the answer is different for every business at any given time, but ultimately, it comes down to your current priorities and the potential long-term gain. 

One of the exercises I do with all my Lounge members during our Quarterly Planning Workshops is to choose 1 to max 3 things they want to work on during that quarter. 

I’m sure I’ve mentioned on the podcast before that this exercise is one of the biggest AHA moments for everyone who goes through this workshop. Only 1-3 things? Yes. Only 1-3 things. 

It’s not an easy exercise by any means. How do you ignore all the other things you have on your list and narrow it down to just 1-3?

It honestly comes down to ONE question. This one question forces you to get real about what is truly important in your business at any given time. 

I would be happy if, I only completed this ONE or 3 tasks. If I did NOTHING else, completing this one task would make me feel accomplished and get me 1 step closer to reaching my business goals. 

Anytime I am in a state of overwhelm in my business, I always bring it back to this. 

Unfortunately, I can’t take credit for this strategy. I learned it from the Productivity Planner. I’ll stick a link in the show notes if you want to check it out. 

It’s a daily planner based on this concept of only committing to 1-3 max tasks per day and prioritizing them based on what is most important. 

It doesn’t mean you don’t get to do more. You certainly can if you have the time… but it forces you to remove all the distractions that will inevitably come your way. It’s essentially your focus button. 

I was chatting with a Lounge member the other day on a velvet rope call and she was so overwhelmed with all the things she feels like she has to do in her business. I think part of that was due to consuming too much content… something I am 100% guilty of. 

Hearing all these different strategies and optimizations she COULD do, had her spinning. 

When it came down to it though, she’s got a huge collection of new product coming for Spring. She’s already invested in the inventory, and it’s the biggest order she’s ever placed. 

In the past, she’s never been ahead of the game enough to market her new collections very well. She usually scrambles at the last minute to send an email and doesn’t always follow up. But with this many units and this much cash invested into it… that isn’t going to cut it. 

From now until she’s turned a profit on this collection, her only job is to sell that inventory. And that means going all in on the launch process I teach, and unapologetically marketing that collection until she sells through. 

I also spoke to a biz friend recently who was also in a state of overwhelm. She’s a former eCommerce store owner, she sold her business in 2019. And since then she’s been helping other eCommerce business owners run Facebook Ads. She’s gonna be on the podcast in a few weeks to talk to us about ads in 2024, stay tuned. 

But she recently went on a business retreat in Bali, so jealous, and after really digging in and looking at her business, she realized she was trying to do too many things. She’s made huge changes in the services she offers in her business, outsourced some automation work to an OBM, and in just a few days already feels a huge weight lifted off her shoulders. 

At the end of the day, no matter what kind of business you have, less is more. And whether it means less right now or less for the foreseeable future… the quickest way to relieve your overwhelm is by turning on the focus button. 

As we move into the last month of the quarter, start looking back and what you initially put on your to-do list. How have you done so far? What do you want to focus on for next quarter? What are the top 1-3 big projects or initiatives that are really important to your business?

Hint hint: one of the things on your Q2 to-do list should be list growth because 60% of your Q4 sales come from customers who engaged with you during the first half of the year. Just sayin’. 

If overwhelm is something you’re struggling with at the moment, make sure you check the show notes of this episode for links to other episodes and resources that can help you decide on what those top 1-3 things should be. 

Remember.. you are not a superhero. And trying to do ALL THE THINGS is only going to prevent you from doing anything well. 

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