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180. [BIZ BITE] How Do I Keep the Momentum After BFCM Weekend

180. [BIZ BITE] How Do I Keep the Momentum After BFCM Weekend

So you spend all this time getting things prepped and ready for Black Friday weekend, but there are still a little over 2 weeks between Cyber week and the standard shipping cut-off of December 14th. 

So… what do you do?

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Well, that depends. 

In most cases, the sales will naturally continue to roll in as long as you’re consistent with emails, SMS, and social posts during that time. Not every one of your customers is going to buy from you during Black Friday weekend. So don’t stop communicating with them. 

And don’t feel like you have to reinvent the wheel in terms of content. Remember that not everyone sees all the content you post so it’s okay to keep pushing those gift guides, repurposing deep dives on your best sellers, and the like. 

If you want to give a little boost and you have an engaged audience you can always do a live shopping event or an in-person one if you have a brick + mortar too, like a sip & shop event. 

If you have seasonal-specific products you’ll want to have those front and center because there will be little opportunity to sell them after mid-December. Depending on how you manage your inventory or how many units you have left, you can always mark those items down the week before standard shipping cut-off to get them out the door. Or box them up and bring them out for a Christmas in July sale or to sell during next year’s Holiday season if they’re still relevant.

You’ll also want to remind people of each shipping cut-off, like standard, 2-day, overnight, etc. 

Once you’re really down to the wire you can go all in on gift cards. 

If you typically find that your sales drop off earlier than the standard shipping cut-off because you’re not really a gift-giving store then you can either try and drum up business through some of the things we just talked about such as doing a live shopping event or even encouraging your customers to send their people to you to buy them their gifts or get them a gift card OR…

you can enjoy the time off. Rest, regroup, bake a pie, take a walk, hang with your family, sleep in, finish your Holiday shopping, catch up on Netflix or DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Enjoy the downtime so you can hit the ground running in the New Year. The choice is completely yours. If you hate downtime and like to work, but don’t see a huge opportunity to continue to drum up sales, check out episode 63 of the podcast where I give you some ideas on what to do if business is slow! 

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