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220. How to Find Customers Who Want to Support Small Businesses

220. How to Find Customers Who Want to Support Small Businesses

As a small business eCommerce entrepreneur, one of the MOST difficult things to do is get more visibility for your brand and traffic to your website.

We spend so much time, energy, and effort sending content into the abyss of social media, spending money on ads hoping people care about what we sell, and at the end of the day… while all these marketing strategies CAN work it's exhausting and defeating running on this hamster wheel.

But what if you had the chance to get in front of 200,000 customers who make the majority of the buying decisions in their households and prefer to shop small? What if those same customers would see products from YOUR store when they were shopping the standard mega retailers on the Internet?

And what if you could put your products there without paying a dime until you actually got a sale?

Meet goodbuy: The product discovery tool that acts as a matchmaker between you, the small business, and your perfect customer.


What is goodbuy?

goodbuy is a set of shopping tools that shows products from small businesses to consumers while they're shopping other retail websites. In addition to the browser extension and iOS app, the entire marketplace is visible on the goodbuy website as well.

What sets goodbuy apart from a typical small business directory is that it surfaces these products while the customer is already shopping based on their searches and the products they are currently looking at. The goodbuy search results will also surface options based on the price point the customer is looking at as well.

Additionally, all traffic from goodbuy is sent directly to your website for the customer to place their order. Because the transaction happens on the retailer's website, that customer belongs to them, not goodbuy.

Who Shops on goodbuy?

The typical goodbuy customer is a Millennial, Elder Millennial, Gen Z, working woman, many with children who make the majority of the buying decisions in their household.

They want to shop with small businesses that share their values instead of always defaulting to the handful of mega-retailers who take the majority of online spending.

goodbuy makes the process of shopping small easy by taking away the time, energy, and effort it requires to support these businesses.

Are There Product Restrictions on goodbuy?

The only product restrictions are items that are not legal to sell on the Internet such as firearms, live animals, THC, and any products that promote hate.

All other product categories, including CBD, sexual wellness, and profanity are all permitted to be on goodbuy.

If you're unsure whether your product is allowed, we recommend you submit your inquiry and the goodbuy team will reach out to discuss further.

How do Retailers Get Started with goodbuy?

It's super easy to get started and only takes a few minutes. Install the goodbuy app on your Shopify store, fill out the form, and then that is sent to the goodbuy team to verify.

All brands are validated by the goodbuy team and then the retailer will receive an email within 24 hours.

After verification by the team, the retailer will receive a verified checkmark in the app.

Because of the Shopify integration, all of the items that are live inside their store will automatically sync within our search engine display. It will pull in proper product catalogs and proper visuals all in real time. Should you change an image on a product or put it up for sale, our search will optimize against that.

Who Sees the Most Success with goodbuy?

From a category perspective, wellness, beauty, fashion, and home do very well on goodbuy. If you think about the typical goodbuy customer and the stage they're at in their life and what's most on their mind… those are the categories that do the best.

Women in general have 82% of the purchasing power in their household, so the mom who is shopping for her own skincare is also shopping for her partner, for her children, she's buying gifts, etc. Even if you remove the typical gender roles, there is usually one primary person who is responsible for the majority of spending. So there is opportunity across all categories.

How Can Brands Get More Visibility Within the goodbuy Search Results?

At a base level, the goodbuy search results are based on SEO, and the product data we have to match with what the consumer is shopping for.

Owner Identities & Business Values

We also have 16 owner identities and business values that you can tag your brand with that consumers can filter their results by. It's a really great opportunity to show up for a consumer who is really passionate about an area.

  • Sustainable
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free
  • American Made
  • Certified Ethical
  • AAPI-owned
  • Black-owned
  • Family-owned
  • Indigenous-owned
  • Latina/o/x-owned
  • LGBTQIA+-owned
  • MENA/SWANA-owned
  • Owners w/disability(ies)
  • Veteran-owned
  • Women-owned

Partnerships & Paid Placements

Typically, the more brands engage with us the better. There are paid placement opportunities, but they're not at all a requirement.

goodbuy is also working on tools to promote brands inside of the search results as well.

How Much Does goodbuy Cost?

There are no hidden or recurring fees to participate in the goodbuy marketplace. The only fee structure is a 10% commission on any sales that were generated by traffic from goodbuy.

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