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198. [BIZ BITE] How can I Split Test Offers on My Klaviyo Pop-Up

198. [BIZ BITE] How can I Split Test Offers on My Klaviyo Pop-Up

Today’s question comes from you guessed it… a Lounge Member. How I can test different offers on my Klaviyo sign-up form and send them different emails based on those offers? 

This is a great question because split testing or A/B testing is a great way to optimize your marketing efforts. And while most of us are familiar with the idea of split-testing subject lines or even content inside our emails we might not realize that we can even test different offers on our pop-up forms. 

Not sure whether you should 10 or 15% off their purchase? No worries! Test it out. See which one performs better. Not only for signups for also conversions. 

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How to Set Up a Split Test on a Klaviyo Sign-Up Form

Setting up the split test on the form in Klaviyo is really easy. Design your form and once it’s complete click the create A/B test link at the top of the screen. This will duplicate your existing form and then you’ll be able to edit the two versions independently of each other. 

You can change anything on these forms, photo or no photo, delay time, or, what we’re talking about today, the actual offer. When testing, make sure you’re only testing one variable at a time otherwise you won’t know what is or isn’t working. 

The trick is, how do we make sure the right person is getting the right offer?

How to Send Two Different Offers in a Klaviyo Welcome Flow

There are a few steps to properly set this up in Klaviyo, but I promise it’s easy. 

Let’s pretend you’re testing a 10% discount and a 15% discount. 

First, you’re going to submit a hidden profile property on each version of the form so you know who should get what offer. In the form edit window, click the submit button and the edit options will appear on the left-hand side. That’s where you can add the hidden profile properties. So you’ll submit a profile property, you can call it welcome offer. And then on the 15% off version of the form the value of that field will be 15 and on the 10% off version it will be 10. 

Then you’re going to create two coupons. One for 10% off and one for 15% off. 

Lastly, you’re going to create a conditional split in your welcome flow. So right after the trigger of joined list, you’ll add a split with a condition that says, properties about someone, welcome offer = 15. 

If yes, they go down that path and you put your 15% off offer in there. 

Now, how you set up the rest of this is going to depend on how many other ways people can sign up for you list. You may want to just send everyone else down the no path and give them the 10% offer. 

If you only want those with the 10% profile property to go down the second path, then you’ll want to add an additional conditional split that checks for that property. Then the yes path on that property is where you’ll put the 10% off version of the email and anyone who also doesn’t match that condition will go down the no path. 

One other thing to be aware of with this strategy is that even though you can reconnect flows after a conditional split to send people down one path, I wouldn’t in this case. Part of the reason you’re creating these offers in the first place is to see which one converts better. And not just at signup but also for purchase. 

If you combine your paths, you’re going to combine the data too, so you’ll want to keep them on separate paths so you can see the engagement and conversion between the two groups more clearly. 

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