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122. [BIZ BITE] What’s a Good Email Form Sign Up Rate?

Not sure if you should be getting more email signups? In today’s episode, I share a few key metrics you should look at when deciding whether or not your forms are performing

What You’ll Learn

  • What the average conversion rate for signup forms is
  • Whether or not more fields affect the signup rate
  • If asking for phone numbers lowers your signup rate

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what is a good signup rate for email? The short answer is 3-8% 

Of course, there are a lot of variables that impact that like the quality of the traffic you have, the relevancy and value of the offer, the product you sell, and the design of your form. 

Pop-ups convert better than other types of forms. Unsurprisingly, the fewer fields you have the higher the conversion rate… but surprisingly, the difference between 1 field vs. 5 isn’t as big as you think. Forms with 1 field convert at an average of 2.73% and those with 5 fields convert at 2.6%.

Now that doesn’t mean you should add fields for no reason, but it does tell us that if you want or need more information from your people, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for it. 

Also, the data shows that forms with a phone number field convert just as well as those that only have an email field. So if you were concerned that asking for a phone number would turn people away, it’s likely there won’t be any issue with it. 

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