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120. [BIZ BITE] What Email Metrics are Impacted by iOS15?

iOS15 was released almost a year ago but there’s still a little confusion on how that affects your email metrics, so today we’re clearing up that confusion and sharing what has changed with email reporting and the new benchmarks you’ll want to aim for.

If you remember, last year Apple released iOS15 which gave users the opportunity to opt out of email tracking. Since then many eCommerce entrepreneurs have been curious about whether or not their current email metrics are reliable so I wanted to do a quick recap to clear up any confusion. 

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I did cover this back in June of 2021, episode 65 if you want to take a listen to all the details. 

So the first thing to know is that iOS 15 only affects open rates, not click or conversion rates. 

Click rates are calculated based on the number of people who received the email not who opened it which is why the click rate is still reliable. 

Now let’s chat about open rates. Based on what I learned and the technical aspect of how opens are masked it actually ends up telling you that your opens are higher than they actually are. So instead of aiming for a 20% open rate, you’ll want to aim higher than that. I don’t have any specific numbers but shoot for 25-30%. 

If you find that you’re not hitting that open benchmark or the 2-4% click rate benchmark then you’ll want to start testing your emails. You can learn more about testing in episode 75 which covers 7 ways you can improve your email marketing. 

And remember, email marketing is a marathon, not a sprint and you’ll always be working on improving it, so don’t stress if you’re not hitting the numbers you want, just keep on truckin’… you’ll get there. 

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