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208. [BIZ BITE] Google Analytics 4 for Shopify is Available

208. [BIZ BITE] Google Analytics 4 for Shopify is Available

The Google Analytics 4 for Shopify integration is finally available!

As you may already know, Google’s Universal Analytics will stop working as of July this year. While we’ve had access to GA4 for some time and were able to manually install GA4 to Shopify stores we were only able to track traffic data because non-plus Shopify users do not have access to checkout and therefore couldn’t track purchase data. 

There were some hacks out there on the interwebs, which I shared with caution and disclaimers… I’m not a fan of anything that artificially interferes with eCommerce checkout systems and actually, a Lounge member did run into some trouble after implementing that hack and then of course removed it once they discovered the issue. 

The good news is, you can set it up right now and it only takes a few minutes.

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What is Tracked Automatically With The Google Analytics 4 & Shopify Integration

The native Shopify integration for Google Analytics 4 will push over your eCommerce purchases. It will also include data such as viewed product, added to cart, purchased, and revenue broken out by product name. Stay tuned for more details as I explore the data.

How to Integrate Google Analytics 4 With Shopify

If you don’t already have a GA4 account you’ll want to go ahead and create one. You’ll also need to install the Google Sales Channel in your Shopify store. 

When you add the channel, you’ll choose a Google Account to connect the sales channel with, make sure it’s an account that has access to your Google Analytics property, and then you’ll be able to select the correct property from a dropdown. It’s very simple to set up. 

If you manually installed GA4 previously, you’ll want to remove that tracking script and instead use the native integration. 

Installing the Google Sales Channel

Universal Analytics was installed on the preference page of your Online Store. When you navigate to that area you'll see a notification block with a link to the Google Sales Channel. If it's not already installed in your store it will bring you to the installation window.

Screenshot of Shopify Admin: add the Google Sales Channel to integrate Google Analytics 4 for Shopify

Connecting to Google Analytics 4

Once you install the channel you'll see a prompt to connect your Google account. Make sure you use an account that has access to your Google Analytics 4 property. Once you connect the account your Google analytics properties will appear in the box below your connection.

This connection is separate from your Google Merchant Center account.

screenshot of Shopify: connect your google account to Shopify

How to Integrate Google Analytics 4 with Shopify Plus

If you’re a Shopify plus user that previously added GA4 through Google Tag Manager, take a peek at your account and see if it’s tracking purchase data.

From what I understand about how GA4 tracks data, you have to send it specific eCommerce tracking data that requires manual setup inside of GTM. Don’t quote me on that, like I said I’m still confirming a few things. That’s why I want you to check your account to see if it’s in there. 

If it is, great. If it’s not, you might be better off connecting directly through the Google Sales Channel. 

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