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134. [BIZ BITE] What’s the Ideal Delay Time for an Email Pop-Up Form

How do you time your email collection pop-up for optimum conversions and email signups?

There isn’t a one-size fits all timing, but let’s talk through a good starting point and how you can determine the ideal timing for your business.

This was a question that came up not too long ago in the eCommerce Badassery FB group and of course, it felt like the perfect biz bite topic. 

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Now, there really are no hard and fast rules here – ultimately you’ll want to test the timing, which is really easy to do inside of Klaviyo, You just create a form and set up an A/B test – each with a different delay. you can even set it so Klaviyo will automatically choose the winner for you and then only show that version of the pop-up – pretty snazzy, right!

But if you need a starting place, I will usually do anywhere from 15-30 sec, or a 50% scroll on the page. Typically, the more content there is for someone to take in on the home page – the longer delay I will give it. 

You don’t want to show a pop-up when the visitor isn’t even sure about what you sell or if it’s the right thing for them – but of course, you don’t want it to be too long either because the user may leave your site before they even see it. 

The good news is if you’re using Klaviyo for your forms they now have a feature called a teaser – that will be a little widget that shows a preview of your offer. You can have it show before the form triggers after they close it, or both. So even if your form pops too soon and the user closes it, they’ll easily be able to get back to the form to take advantage of that offer and hopefully convert. 

Another thing you can try, which we tested in my previous day job and it actually performed really well, was to use a slide-out, instead of a pop-up and we actually had it show up once they showed some shopping activity like visiting a collection or a product. This way we knew they were already intent on shopping which would make that discount offer a lot more enticing. 

You could also try an exit intent pop-up that only shows when someone goes to leave your website. This doesn’t work perfectly on mobile, but it’s still a good test to run. 

Like most things though, the only way to truly know what works is to run a test, find the winner, and then create a new test for the winner. 

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