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96. [BIZ BITE] Welcome to Our New Podcast Series: Quick eCommerce Q&A Sessions

Welcome to our first Thursday biz bite episode. You might be asking what the hell is a Thursday biz bite. This is a new series that I’m starting for 2022, where every Thursday, I’m going to release a quick and dirty episode answering one frequently asked question.

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You’ll notice that these episodes are pretty raw with no intro or outro music. And that’s just to make sure I can get them done and out to you answering the question you’re looking for as quickly as possible. Possible.

They’ll be posted every Thursday, but you’ll be able to find them by looking for the words, [BIZ BITE] at the beginning of the episode title. I’m excited to start creating these because, well, I already create lots of big, long episodes that go into tons of details about certain topics. But sometimes maybe there’s a tool I mentioned or a question I answer and you want to come back and listen again, but you don’t have time to dig through all of those episodes, figuring out where I talked about it.

Or maybe there’s a question I’m getting a lot right now, but the answer doesn’t quite fit into my regular podcast schedule. So having these quick Thursday biz bites will allow me to answer that question quickly and easily for you.

We’ll be kicking off with these full biz bite episodes next week. But in the meantime or at any time, really, if you have a question that you want me to answer in this short form format, Format be sure to hit me up on Instagram at eCommerce Badassery or you can let me know in the eCommerce Badassery FB Group.

I am so excited to start bringing you even more value with the eCommerce Badassery Podcast this year. Make sure you’re following the show in your podcast app. So you get a notification every time a new episode is available.

Thank you so much for being a loyal listener. I appreciate each and every one of you. And I’ll see you on the flip side friend.

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