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206. [BIZ BITE] How Often Should You Post on TikTok

If you want to grow your following on TikTok and ultimately drive sales for your eCommerce business you might have to post more than you think! Hear what TikTok strategist Wave Wyld shared as the preferred cadence for posting on TikTok and 4 reasons why it’s easier than you think!

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Can You Still Grow on TikTok?

I’m no TikTok expert, as you can tell from my lack of a TikTok presence, but this week in the Lounge Membership, we had TikTok Strategist and trends queen Wave Wyld give a presentation on how product-based businesses can grow on TikTok. 

After watching her presentation and hearing some of the stats, I was thinking to myself, damn! I need to get on there. I mean, I already knew there was so much opportunity to grow on that platform… but it’s different when you see someone lay it all out for ya, you know?

Anywho… one of the questions that came up from the audience was how often should I post on TikTok and I was kinda shocked by the answer. 

Consistency & Frequency Are Important

Like every other platform out there, TikTok does reward consistency… so sticking to a cadence that is realistic for you vs. hitting some arbitrary number is still most important… 

But she did actually give us a number that we should strive for. 

2 times per day / 14 times per week. 

Wow, that seems like a lot of videos right?! 

I was thinking to myself, damn… I don’t think I’d be able to post 14 videos per week! 

4 Tips to Creating TikTok Content Quickly

Wave did break it down for us in terms of what percentage of our videos should be what kinds of content… which did make seem less overwhelming since some of them are so simple and easy to create, but there were a few other things she reminded us of which made it sound less overwhelming… 

  1. The majority of your videos should be max 15 seconds. This means just one over-arching thought or idea could be broken out into a series of videos. 
  2. TikTok culture is raw and unpolished – you don’t need and shouldn’t have super fancy overproduced videos. Couple that with such a short video and it really shouldn’t take that long to record.
  3. While trends do matter and they should be a part of your strategy, you shouldn’t spend hours researching them.
  4. You don’t necessarily have to do that forever. When you’re just getting started and you want to test a bunch of things and ramp stuff up, post more often. As you start to grow followers and naturally get more reach, then you don’t have to post as much. 

How to Create More Time to Create TikTok Content

If TikTok was something you wanted to go all in on but you really didn’t have the bandwidth, I would look at the time you’re spending on other platforms like Instagram and see if you can switch your focus a little bit. 

I wouldn’t necessarily ghost the platform altogether. But maybe you go from posting every day to 3 days a week. Or you test using some of your TikTok content on Instagram. It doesn’t always work as well for all businesses, but it’s worth a shot. 

If you struggle to come up with content ideas join Wave’s membership where she delivers the latest TikTok trends directly to your inbox.*

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