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204. [BIZ BITE] Should I Remove Seasonal Products From My eCommerce Website?

If you’re like most eCommerce entrepreneurs I know February is when you start to come up for air after a hectic Q4 and lots of rest in January. This is usually about the time you think about things like cleaning up your website and archiving products and collections that are no longer relevant. 

But what should you do with those seasonal products or collections that you don’t have inventory in right now, but you know will be coming back later in the year?

In that case, you’ll want to leave those pages, products, and collections live on your website. 

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Why You Should Leave Seasonal Products Up Even if They’re Sold Out

The longer a URL exists on the website, the more authority it builds with Google and other search engines for SEO purposes. 

If it’s a product that is truly never coming back, then yes you’ll want to remove it. 

Otherwise, leave it up and let it continue to collect SEO juice. If it’s a product page, you’ll want to add a back-in-stock signup option and make sure you clearly state when you generally bring them back in. You can also remove this product from your collections if you don’t want it showing up while customers are browsing but this way the URL is intact should it come up in search. 

I also recommend you leave up any seasonal gift guides. Keep them evergreen by not including the year and then as time goes on that page will gain more and more authority. 

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